Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yöjuna 865

This is a new music video that was animated and designed at Anima Boutique for a Finnish Children's music duo called Ella and Aleksi. This song is about taking the night train to Rovaniemi which is in the far north of Finland.... You know, where Santa lives :). It's produced by the Bronson Club: Jesse Fryckman, Jari Lähteinen which have made a new horror movie called Sauna. It's also produced by our own Anttu Harlin. It's directed by Juuso Syrjä and myself. Design and backgrounds by me and the talented Antero Nuutinen. Animation by the incredibly fabulous: Mari Tolkkinen, Joonas Utti, and Heli Ellis.

Anyway I hope you like it. We've taken inspirations from book illustrations we remember from childhood, and contemporary cartoons. We were aiming for something with honesty and heart.




SHOo said...

Hey guys! I discovered your studio only recently. Awesome work you've got! And thanks for sharing!!

Olumuyiwa Ajagbe said...

cool stuff!

Mick said...

nicely styled... the gnome's walk was the best

faffycat said...

Just wanna say my son and his 2 cousins like to watch this video at least 3 times a day and usually in a row.

Love the character design, animation and backgrounds. Really great job!

Especially fond of the kids dancing in unison with the walrus. Any chance for more episodes? At least 3 kids here hope so.

Alexiev said...

Very good art...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...

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